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Fiverr Gig Favorite Exchange

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The mobile app allows users to control their saved gigs
Fiverr Gig Favorite Exchange allows you to save Gigs you like by putting them to your favorite list. To add a Gig to your list of favorites, log in.

The Heart icon will be displayed in the top-right corner of every Gig when you browse the marketplace. Select the icon to save the gig to your Saved List.

Add an album to your list of favorites:

Click on the Heart icon.

Click the + icon and add the Gig. The Gig will be added to your list of saved lists.

Note: When you add it to your favorite list, your heart icon will be filled. To take Gig from your favorite list Simply click the heart icon and choose it from the saved lists.

For managing your collection:

Select Saved from the main menu.

Note You can sort your saved gigs in the upper right edge of the screen by Name, Fiverr Gig Favorite Exchange Number of Gigs, or Last Modified. You can also click on the Share button to save your Gigs.


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